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Making A Right Technology Path At The Begining Could Save You Lots OF Time And Money

do you need help on below issue


development cost

Uncertainty about the Human Resource cost , hosting cost and software cost.


Database structure

Uncertainty on the database design, which type of database to use, how will it affect my future implementation.


core structure

How will you structure the whole technical flow, loosely coupled, API management.


3rd party tools selection

Right from the start, we advice on which tools best suit your business based on costing and functional factor.


Some Technology We Familiar

As a tech company, we try to learn and adapt to the newest technology in the world. But we are not very bound to "latest technology" , we understand that we are not going to build a cannon to kill a bird. So getting the perfect fit technology stack is all what client need.


who is suitable for our service

  1. A company who need more than a company introduction site. Example: connecting with ERP, own CRM system, booking system.
  2. A startup who dont have a CTO.
  3. A traditional company who want to adapt to new tech world.

what outcome will i get

After discussion with client, if the deal proceed, we will provide final advice in written format.

How much will you charge

The charging fee is based on the complexity of the project. Some client, they just need a small advice on database. So the price varies. Dont worry,we do enjoy the challenge of developing new things,the money that we charge is just for our survival.

How is the payment term

50% deposit and the remaining 50% upon final written report.

Our advantages


We like to take the challenge of developing new product.A different business require different approach.


When we develop the system, we will make it ready for future, easy maintainable, and flexible.

Cost optimization

By adapting to new technology, we can achieve low hosting cost and HR cost, even though your visitor grow big.


Our price will be cheaper than agency but more expensive than freelancer. If you looking for lowest price,please look for freelancer.

straight forward

No every project needed to be custom made. We do reject client's idea and ask him just use Wordpress to save money.

Great service

Most of our clients are recommended by our ex-client. All of them are now friend of us.


Some projects are confidential

We came out from a startup community, and we have our own startup company as well. We developed lots of small project for other startups, such as a CRM module for company that provide training, a crowdfunding company, mobile apps for property management..etc


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Along the entrepreneur journey, we ran through many unnecessary technical process. If we had an IT consultancy before,we wouldn’t had lost so much money and time, we could just direct build the product in the correct way. So we understand the importance of doing he thing correctly at the beginning.


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